Driveway Cleaning \ Patio Cleaning

Cleaning pathways with BioClean


After pressure washing this hard surface area we apply our 'BioClean' solution and let it work its magic. This is left for a specific duration and then rinsed off before stage two...

Patio Cleaning with BioClean.


This patio cleaning job looks clean, but this is the important treatment which will form a protective layer that keeps on working, slowing any unwanted regrowth.

Cleaning concrete with BioMagic.


Should there be any tough stains like rust we will use 'BioMagic' to remove or significantly reduce them.

Patio Cleaning

Asses the site

A very dirty patio before the BioGreen treatment.

Every patio cleaning job is assessed by our estimators to ensure everything is ready for the BioGreen treatment.

Clean heavy soil

Patio Cleaning with a whirlaway surface cleaner.

 If the surface is very heavily soiled then it must be cleaned prior to any application of BioClean or BioControl. 

Apply BioClean

Applying BioClean after surface preperation.

Our BioClean product is then carefully applied and left for a period of time to go to work.

Allow to work then rinse

Patio Cleaning with BioProtect.

After the BioClean has worked its magic it is rinsed leaving the surface clear for the next application. 

Apply BioControl

BioProtect applied to stone patio.

BioControl is applied next and left to penetrate the porous material forming a protective layer.

Job done

Patio cleaning. The finished job looks like new.

BioControl will keep on working and the area will look cleaner as well as recolonisation of algae being slowed.



A stone monument prior to cleaning.

Whether its a building/structure, monument, gravestone, any stone can be restored to its former glory.


A stone monument with BioClean applied.

BioClean is carefully applied and brushed to ensure full coverage and efficacy. After a period of time its is rinsed.


Stone cleaned by BioGreen.

BioControl is applied and left to penetrate the stone forming a protective layer. This was taken after 24 hours. It will just get cleaner!

wood and fencing


Wooden fencing prior to BioGreen treatment.

Fences around the property. Care is needed not to drift products next door. 


Biofilm being cleaned from a fence using BioClean

BioClean applied and the results are immediate. A quick rinse and the BioControl goes on.


A fence cleaned with the BioGreen system.

Clean fence. Clean Wall. Healthy grass.

Test areas

Test Area Before

patio cleaning and driveway cleaning specialists.

We can show you a small test area somewhere discreet.

Test Area After

Biofilm and algae removed from wooden fencing.

You decide if you want the rest treated.