About Us


Welcome to BioGreen. Created by David Lawless and Colin Scragg and offering a higher level of service and solutions to exterior cleaning and building maintenance.


We know our stuff. 'Jet washing' is not always the answer to cleaning projects. Often our biodegradable, eco friendly products are more suitable. We can offer a wider array of services including cleaning stone and render and the removal of lichens.


Give us a call. We are happy to chat with you and advise you on any project large or small!

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 We have worked together for 20 years. Dave has a sales background and Col a more technical one. Combining our skills and knowledge we created BioGreen and researched our products, BioClean and BioControl. Investment in knowledge, products and equipment means we are able to offer a cleaning service on another level to your average 'jet washer'. Our cleans are thourough and last longer and our products are HSE approved with safety data sheets. Our domestic customers are always delighted. Our commercial clients know we are reliable and professional, fully licensed and insured. Give us a call and join the BioGreen family today.